Our Fleet

Our fleet consists of latest generation aircrafts and is designed to provide maximum comfort and maximum safety. On board you will find everything you need to live an unforgettable experience.

Discover our aircrafts and choose the one that best suits your lifestyle and needs.
Gulfstream G-150



The perfect option, in terms of luxury and comfort, for leisure or business travel. An extremely fast and comfortable aircraft thanks to its spacious cabin.
Category Category: Midsize business jet
Range Range: 3000 nm / 5556 km
Speed Speed: 475 kts / 880 kmh
Seats Seats: 8


Learjet 40

With a spacious, elegant and welcoming cabin, the Learjet 40 is the ideal aircraft for short / medium-haul trips.
Category Category: Light business jet
Range Range: 1960 nm / 3630 km
Speed Speed: 465 kts / 861 kmh
Seats Seats: 7
Bombardier Learjet 40

Altri velivoli

Thanks to the shape and refinement of the cabin, this light business jet offers the comfort and convenience of a midsize business jet.
Category Category: Light business Jet
Range Range: 2450 nm / 4537 km
Speed Speed: 432 kts/ 800 kmh
Seats Seats: 9
A perfect mix of autonomy, reliability and comfort makes this aircraft particularly suitable for reaching the main European destinations.
Category Category: Light business Jet
Range Range: 1325 nm / 2454 km
Speed Speed: 405vkts / 750 kmh
Seats Seats: 6
Citation V
Excellent choice for short trips thanks to the performance and comfort provided by this aircraft.
Category Category: Light business Jet
Range Range: 12072 nm / 3837 km
Speed Speed: 430 kts / 796 kmh
Seats Seats: 7
Reaching the other side of the world has never been easier. With revolutionary performance and technology, our Gulfstream G500 is specifically suited to deal with the most demanding trips.
Category Category: Large business Jet
Range Range: 506 kts/ 937 kmh
Speed Speed: 430 kts / 796 kmh
Seats Seats: 14
Falcon 900 LX
Strong but agile, powerful but efficient. Through its highly customized cabin, this private jet offers maximum comfort to tackle any type of travel.
Category Category: Large business Jet
Range Range: 4750 nm / 8797 km
Speed Speed: 533 kts / 987 kmh
Seats Seats: 12
The AW 139 represents the right compromise between safety and comfort for passengers. Thanks to the low internal noise level and the configuration of the cabin, this type of helicopter can fulfill every need.
Category Category: Helicopter
Range Range: 573 nm / 1061 km
Speed Speed: 165 kts / 306 kmh
Seats Seats: 8